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2020 Virtual World Finals Ranatra Fusca Winners

Warwick Valley Middle School, Region 5: Problem 1 Division 2

This team’s presentation showed how the loss of color is disastrous for the world. Adventures to the Louvre, Shakespeare’s Garden, and the Amazon Rain Forest were highlighted using cardboard cutout pavers on garden paths, origami leaves and flowers, and décor with paintings with ornate frames designed with painted pasta. The vehicles included a colorful bee powered by a redesigned measuring tape with moving legs causing it to appear to walk, an amazon bird with colorful feathers made  of painted popsicle sticks on cardboard, and a snail of carved foam. The Longshots restored color with their Arm & HammerTM Baking Soda special effect where flowers blossomed, bushes appeared, and pictures in the Louvre and the Rainforest life regained color.

Sherburne Earlville High School, Region 13 Problem 1 Division 3

This team demonstrated exceptional creativity and risk taking in creating a countdown clock made of a series of beautiful colored origami flowers which folded and disappeared, representing progressive damage to the environment. The Longshot Solution reversed the destruction by mixing Arm and HammerTM baking soda with other chemicals to create a reaction that powered an array of pneumatic pistons and a cantilevered lifting platform to reverse the flower’s demise, pushing them up, unfolding them and making them bloom

Charlton Height, Ballston Lake, Region 7: Problem 3 Division 1

The team’s engineering system used color coded ribbons attached to a complex pulley and gear system that seamlessly changed the setting. The first had limbs dropping off the trees, the second had the trees on fire, and for the third the fire was extinguished. They also engineered a deer costume that showed realistic hind leg movement.

Geneseo Central School, Region 15: Problem 4 Division 3

The judges were awed at the creativity, artistry, and detail of team’ balsa wood character. Its construction used carefully built balsa gears and wheels, a variety of joints, and other shapes to make it look human. It sprang to life by lighting up and dancing all controlled electronically. As the team traveled though time and around the world, the judges were treated to an Egyptian dance, a Mongolian flag dance, a tango, and a Russian Cossack dance. All were meticulously executed and synchronized to synthesized music.

Geneseo Central School, Region 15: Problem 5 Division 3

This team created a wonderful moving Merry-Go-Round that actually turned and was capable of holding 2 team members. It eventually converted into a Ferris Wheel. They also created a working pipe organ. Both devices showed creativity and ingenuity. Mechanical ability such as this team displayed is not often present in a performance problem. The team also created “mannequins” that helped make it appear the characters were in one place while they were “safe at home.”