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2002 Friends of NYSOMA – Patricia Everett, Greg Schweers and Mary Waskie

The Friend of NYSOMA Award was established by the Board of Directors to honor the service of individuals who, through personal action, demonstrate in an extraordinary way, those social values affirmed to the goals of New York State Odyssey of the Mind. The inscription on the plaque reads: “In recognition and appreciation of unique talents and creative energies offered on behalf of NYSOMA”

The plaque will be displayed each year at the New York State Odyssey of the Mind Finals.  The honorees receive a plaque and their names engraved on the State Plaque which is displayed at the State Finals Tournament.

This year, there are three recipients of this award. All of the recipients have been involved in Odyssey for many years, in many capacities and at all levels. This year’s recipients are: Patricia Everett, Greg Schweers and Mary Waskie.

Pat Everett and Greg Schweers were the two individuals who created and orchestrated the program for the two statewide spontaneous workshops during the summer of 2001, titled Spontaneous Combustion.  These workshops were a great success, due to their efforts.

Pat Everett started in Odyssey (known as Olympics of the mind at that time) in 1981, as a coach.  Since that time, she has continued to be involved in the program as a coach, school district coordinator, regional and state problem captain, World Finals assistant problem captain, and regional director. Pat is currently the co-problem captain for Spontaneous at both the regional and State levels, as well as a World Finals Official.

Greg Schweers became involved in Odyssey of the Mind in 1990, as a coach, and coached again in 1991. The following year when his team decided not to participate, he began judging in spontaneous. Since then, he has judged at the regional, state, and World Levels. In 1996, Greg was elected to the school board in his school district, where he provided valuable support to the Odyssey Program. For the past two years he has been regional co-problem captain for spontaneous.

Mary Waskie has been involved in Odyssey of the Mind for the past twenty years. She first started in 1982 as an elementary team coach. During that twenty-year period, she has been a district co-coordinator for the Odyssey Program, and began judging at regional, then state levels. She became the regional director of Region 13 while still serving as district coordinator. Mary joined the NYSOMA Board, serving as treasurer, tournament director, state director, and then back to tournament director. Leaving the board, she returned to judging and co-coaching an elementary team. Mary has done the full cycle. She has a strong love of and belief in the program, which challenges creativity and risk taking in children. She extends this love and drive to all that surround her.

NYSOMA proudly recognizes and appreciates all that Pat, Greg, and Mary have contributed to the Odyssey of the Mind program over the years.