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2001 Friend of NYSOMA – Carolyn Anne Bender

This year’s recipient, Carolyn Bender, began her association with Odyssey of the Mind in 1983 as a spontaneous judge in her region. In 1984, she became the district coordinator for Pine Bush Central School. In 1989 Carolyn began her tenure as regional director of Region 5, a position she retired from in June 2000.

In 1993 Carolyn began her service to NYSOMA as a member of the Board of Directors. From 1993 to 1994, she was also Judges’ Coprdinator. From 1994 to 1995 she served as assistant director of NYSOMA and was the State Director for two and one half years from 1995 to 1997. Unfortunately for us, Carolyn was forced to resign for health reasons in 1997. She has served as a consultant to the new Region 5 director for this competition year.

Obviously Carolyn has been a dedicated volunteer for NYSOMA for many years. Carolyn is being recognized for that service, but more importantly, because she was willing to step forward at a time when NYSOMA was in need of leadership. She helped to guide NYSOMA back to the right path and create the organization we have today, dedicated to providing the best Odyssey of the Mind program to the students of New York State.

With thanks, the Board of Directors of NYSOMA is pleased to honor Carolyn Bender with the 2001 Friend of NYSOMA award!