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2000 Friend of NYSOMA – Loreen Jorgensen

The recipient of this year’s award is Loreen Jorgensen.

Loreen has been active for many years in the Odyssey of the Mind Program serving in many different capacities. Within her local school district she has served as a coach, building coordinator and trainer. At the regional level she has served as ajudge, head judge and coordinated the activities of the score room. At the state level Loreen has served as judge, head judge, member ofthe Board of Directors for a number of years and is probably best known across the state for the number of years she served as Registrar for NYSOMA. While serving on the board of directors she served as secretary, co-authored the Coaches Manual and took and active role in the drafting of the NYSOMA Bylaws and policies. She has also served as ajudge at the world level.

NYSOMA is pleased to be able to honor Loreen and thank her for all she has done for Odyssey of the Mind in New York State.