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1997 Friend of NYSOMA – Wayne Kehrli

The honoree of this year’s award is Wayne R. Kerli, International Problem Captain. Wayne began his personal odyssey the same way many adults become involved with O.M. During the winter of 1981, his son (then in fourth grade) informed his parents at the dinner table that he was on an Olympics of the Mind team. He also informed them that he had volunteered his parents to coach.

Wayne must have enjoyed coaching (or he had a very persuasive son) for he continued “volunteering” as a coach for three additionals years. His balsa team made their way to World Finals in 1982 and earned a sixth place. In 1983. the team went on to World Finals once again. This time the team won a very prestigious third place! He coached a vehicle team in 1984. which went to State Finals. In 1985 Wayne left coaching to become a World Finals judge. His judging “career” went from 1985 to 1990.

During the summer of 1990. Wayne entered the role most of us know him in today. He was selected to be International Problem Captain for the “vehicle problem”. In this role. Wayne can be found doing judges trainings. creating Problem Instruction tapes as well as answering and reviewing clarifications.

Wayne began to serve on the NYSOMABoard in 1991. He has announced his resignation from NYSOMA as of June 1997. In 1992. he was selected to be on the O.M. (national level) Board of Directors. Wayne will continue to serve on this Board.

NYSOMA proudly recognizes Wayne Kerli for the hundreds of hours he has devoted to Odyssey of the Mind on the State and National Level. He is a true OMER!