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1996 Friend of NYSOMA – Carolyn Yohannes

The recipient of this years award, began her personal odyssey with OM six years ago. In the years that have followed, she has become one of our finest Regional Directors. Carolyn Yohannes represents the true creative mind within our organization. Many individuals begin with small steps and progress through the ranks. Carolyn was asked to take a giant step by assuming the position of Regional Director. With no previous experience in OM, she put in many long hours, made her share of mistakes, continually sought knowledge, and strived constantly to become the best Her efforts are evident in the way she uses her creative energies to foster the basic principles of OM. Carolyn’s ability to make decisions and to be of tremendous service to her region and NYSOMA are the result of this effort Truly an example of life long learning, Carolyn accomplished all this while managing a region of 100 competing teams.

Carolyn has made time to judge at State Tournaments. When not judging, she volunteers, assisting in any way that can be of service to OM. Undaunted by the long distance commute from Long Island, she regularly attends Regional Directors meetings, as well as, representing her region at judges and coaches training sessions. When needed by a neighboring region, Carolyn willingly stepped in to assume responsibility for both regions. Carolyn is a caring individual who gives freely of herself to teams, coaches, and parents who feel privileged to interact with her.

Carolyn’s success is a result of her divergent thinking and has resulted in a growing region. Her dedication to OM radiates team spirit with pride and leadership. NYSOMA proudly recognizes and appreciates her ability to accept challenge, encourage others, and reflect the problem solving skills that are the hallmark of Odyssey of the Mind.