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Open Position: Judge’s Coordinator Shadow

Anticipated Opening – September 2020

NYSOMA is looking for someone to Shadow our current Judge’s Coordinator (Jeff Guldenschuh) during the 2020-21 year, in order to take the role over at a future date. Below you will find some of the responsibilities of the Judge’s Coordinator.

  • Working with the National Odyssey webmaster to ensure the registration pages are properly set up, working, and up-to-date.
  • Maintaining/Monitoring email set up for the JC role – answering all questions and helping with information as needed.
  • Organize the January PC/HJ training.
  • Organize and coordinate officials for the state tournament.
  • Keeping/maintaining/restocking the paperwork and supplies used at the Tournament.
  • Maintaining the “years of service” chart for NYSOMA Officials.
  • Responsible for managing the NYSOMA judges database.
  • Coordinating judges” registrations for the state tournament.
The Judge”s Coordinator also attends NYSOMA board meetings in Binghamaton throughout the year. (about 6-7 meetings)
Interested? Contact Rick Pray or Matt Lopez